Lady kneels and cries uncontrollably while begging her man after he reportedly dumped her (Video)

A woman has been spotted in a viral video going on her knees to beg a man who reportedly dumped her on the streets.

At the beginning of the clip, the woman and the man could be seen having a conversation which did not look to be going on smoothly as the lady held the man’s jacket tightly.

Before anyone could realise what has going on, the woman started sobbing while still holding his jacket and went on her knees to beg him.

As the man noticed that her action was attracting attention, he tried to free himself from her grip but she held on firmly.

Onlooker could be heard saying “anaachwa na hataki kuachika, wanabreak up” (He is breaking up with her but she can’t accept it)”.

As the video ended, a woman could be seen approaching the duo to presumably solve the problems between them.

Watch the Video below

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