19-year-old buys his own car, says he’s tired of being disrespected by his father

A 19-year-old man has gone proven that he is capable of being financially independent and taking care of himself.

The teenager, with Twitter handle @Outsucced, revealed that he recently purchased his own car as a way of making a statement to his father who disrespects him.

According to him, the first car he had was given to him by his dad and ever since he got the gift, his father always rubs it in his face.

The young man said he went out to the dealership and bought himself a brand new automobile that had only his name on the purchase document.

Sharing a photo of himself in the car and an envelope with a Toyota seal, @Outsucced wrote;

”My current car was a “gift” from my dad that he consistently keeps rubbing in my face. So I went out and bought a brand new fucking car under my name ONLY

”listen to me and take this advice from someone who struggles daily: never let anybody disrespect you. My Hispanic father thinks it’s ok to disrespect me, humiliate me, be homophobic, racist, etc. fuck no. I will not be disrespected by anybody lol.

”Happy new years to me baby lol’s the same car I’ve had, the only difference is that I’m the sole owner and I paid in cash. Next step is finding a new place to live so I can move out by end of January.”

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