Jurgen Klopp: Man United had more penalties in 2 years than me in 5 and a half(watch Highlight

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp rails against Sadio Mane being denied a penalty as Liverpool lose their mojo in title race to Southampton

“What Andre Marriner did with Sadio Mane tonight, I’m not sure that’s okay,” Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports after Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Saints.

“Man United had more penalties in two years than me in five and a half years… but no excuses for tonight.”

Could Klopp and his genius be onto something here? Well, for his fans he probably can. The facts are, however, you don’t get so many penalties just because refs like the colour of your boots (whatever some ‘experts’ say).

Speaking of penalties, this season United have had just one penalty awarded more than Liverpool – 6 against 5. And one of theirs was that one against West Ham with Salah going down to a touch as soft as chinchilla fur (which is thirty times softer than human hair).

For what it’s worth, Mr Klopp might want to start targeting another team: Leicester City have 10 penalties this season.

Liverpool have lately been in a very shaky form. They are struggling for goals as they make umpteen crosses almost every game at this point.

Klopp also added: “Of course we worry. We are not silly. We have to show a reaction 100%. Southampton deserved it. They ran their socks off.”

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