Shocking!!!See The Huge Money This Popular Nigerian Pornstar “Krissjohchris”Made From Xvideos in this year (picture)

A popular Nigerian pornstar who goes by the name Krissjohchris posted the screenshot of his earnings on a popular porn website showing how much he has made so far in 2020 alone.

The pornstar has earned over $600,000 in 2020 (that’s roughly N240 Million Naira) 😲😲😲

Just to have sex with ladies, make video of them and post it on his Xvideo channel and he’s cashing out this amount of Money?

Below is the Screenshot:-

Despite pandemic and lockdown people are really cashing out on the Internet,engaging in different hustle, no be by Yahoo! alone.

From what the Caption he used when posting his earning screenshot, he claimed 👇

Being a Pornstar is better than stealing, scamming, doing rituals or committing crimes just to make Money.

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