Breaking:On Christmas eve, Nigeria records 1,041 new COVID-19 infections, six more deaths

On Christmas eve, Nigeria records 1,041 new COVID-19 infections, six more deaths.Active cases in Nigeria have risen from about 3,000 some weeks ago to over 10,000.


Nigeria on Thursday recorded 1,041 new cases of coronavirus, one of the highest figures since the disease began spreading across the country.

With the latest figure, the total infections in the country has now increased to over 81,963.

This is according to an update Thursday night by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Nigeria is currently battling its worst phase of COVID-19 with the recent surge in new infections officially declared the second wave last Thursday by the federal officials.

Health experts believe the lowering of guard on safety and the weak enforcement of protocols by officials especially in the country’s major airports in Abuja and Lagos could be responsible for the recent spreading, noting that the situation could get worse if citizens keep violating safety protocols.


The death toll from the virus is also increasing. With six more deaths on Thursday, a day to Christmas, the total fatalities are now 1242.

Active cases in the country have risen from about 3,000 some weeks ago to over 10,000 due to a rise in new infections,of the over 81,000 cases so far in Nigeria, 69,651 patients have been discharged from hospitals after treatment.


The 1,041 new cases were reported from: Lagos – 316, FCT – 210, Kaduna – 83, Plateau – 70, Gombe – 56, Oyo – 56, Katsina – 47, Nasarawa – 35, Kano – 33, Ogun – 21, Rivers – 17, Niger – 14, Imo – 14, Delta – 12, Kwara – 12, Edo – 12, Benue – 9, Anambra – 8, Taraba – 4, Ekiti – 4, Ebonyi – 6, Bayelsa – 1, and Sokoto – 1.


Again, Abuja and Lagos led with 210 and 316 new cases respectively on Thursday – about half of the daily total.

With the country sliding into the second wave of the pandemic, federal authorities ordered the reopening of all isolation and treatment centres in the country.

The new variant of the coronavirus currently causing panic and concern in the United Kingdom and the European Union was identified in Nigeria by scientists at the Africa Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID).

Following the discovery of the new variant of COVID-19, the Nigerian government announced new travel rules for passengers coming in from South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The Nigerian government has also reintroduced new restrictions to check the spread of the virus including closure of bars and nightclubs and limiting the number of people allowed in public gatherings.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) also made a “passionate appeal” to all Nigerians to take the COVID-19 prevention advisories very seriously now more than ever, especially during Yuletide festivities.

But while the significant increases in infections and deaths ushered in the second wave, Kogi State has not recorded a single infection or death in about 175 days.

Experts and health officials linked the situation to poor testing in the state.

Kogi, a state of almost 3.5 million people, had tested a meagre 392 samples, the national situational report published December 12 by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) showed.

So far, Nigeria has tested nearly 900,000 of its 200 million people.

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