How to link NIN to SIM Cards(MTN,AIRTEL,9MOBILE,GLO)

Very Soon the The federal Government will start the blocking of Sim card that is not link to the National Identity Number(NIN).

To avoid the blockage of your Mobile Number you need to link your NIN to your Sim Card,in this post we will direct you on how to do that using your phone .

The National Identity Number is an eleven digit numbers(NIN) assigned to anyone that registered for the National Identity Card.

Before now ,the Nigeria Communications Commission has informed Nigerians to link their NIN to Sim Card for upgrade,as those who failed will have their mobile number blocked

On the 14th of december,2020. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economic (CDE) Dr. Isa A.I,had a meeting with all the related bodies,concerning the linkage of NIN to mobile number.He also instructed the stoppage of New Sim registration in the country.

How to Check if your Mobile number is linked to NIN

Before we show you how to link your Sim card to NIN for all Networks,first check if your line is connected to NIN already.

The simple process to check it is by dialing USSD code *346# and the eleven digit numbers will be display on your screen.This can be dialed by all networks.

Note: you can only see the NIN numbers if the particular number you dial it with is linked

How to link NIN to your Airtel line

You can easily link your Airtel Sim Card to NIN by following the steps below.

* Dial *121# on your mobile phone and allow it to process

* Enter “1” to enter “NIN Capture” and press “send” button.

* When it opens enter “1” again to send

* Enter your 11-digit NIN.

How to link NIN to your Mtn line

* Dial *785#

Enter your 11- digit NIN and “send”

NoteYou can as well visit and fill the online form to get the link or call their customer care 180

How to link NIN to your Glo line

To link your Glo Sim Card to NIN you have to use a text message format

* Text “REG” to “746” and follow the subsequent instructions.

How to link NIN to your 9mobile line

All you have to do is to:

* “200” Customer Service

* Follow the instructions and speak with their representative to get the link.

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